Goodnight, sis ;


• I have a sister, she’s 2 years younger than me, and I love her to bits. She’s my partner in crime, my buddy, my best friend, my everything. A day won’t pass by without us having fun, we’re always together. But one day, everything changed. The smile on her lips, the sparkle on her eyes, her angelic laugh, everything disappeared. She began to cry, she began to be sad. Whenever I ask her why, all she said was she’s tired. Of course, I believed her. There are some nights where I would wake up in the middle of the night because of her sobs, she must really be tired. It makes me sad seeing her in pain, I love her so much and I hate seeing her suffer. Days passed and she remained sad, I miss my old sister, the happy one. I was walking on the hallway when I accidentally heard her talking, it wasn’t my intention to eavesdrop but I got curious. It seemed like she was begging, begging someone to stop the pain, she wanted to rest, she’s so tired, she just want to sleep tightly without feeling sadness. An idea suddenly popped into my head, my smile grew wider as I plan it. I waited for weeks, and finally, the day has come. It was her birthday so I baked some cake for her. I brought it into her room, but she was just crying in the corner. Don’t worry sis, you’ll get a good rest from now on. I hugged her tight, very tight. I wanted her to feel how much I love her. She didn’t seem to like it since she was struggling to get away, but I didn’t let go, I hugged her even tighter. Finally, she seemed to like it, she stopped pushing me. I stopped hugging her and I kissed her forehead. I granted your wish, sis. I smiled widely as I walk out of her room.

Every night, I check on her, she’s still sleeping. Finally, she stopped crying, she stopped being sad. She may finally get a good rest now. I will surely miss her smile and laughter, but seeing her sleep peacefully is better than seeing her cry.
Goodnight sis, sleep tight, forever! •




• Once lived a strong girl, she never got hurt, never got sick, never cried. She’s always happy, she’s always smiling. It’s as if she had no problems in life. Everyone was jealous of her, everyone wanted to be her. They took her for granted, befriended her just to find out what her secret on being strong was, but they failed. She was good on knowing who her real friends are. They blackmailed her, but again, they failed. They tried and tried but they fail every single time. At last, they stopped trying, and the girl remained strong. At least that’s what they thought. The strong girl went home, and from there, she let out a deep sigh. She removed her favorite sweater and went in front of the mirror. ‘I’m not strong’ she said to herself as she browses her body full of bruise and scars. Her tears fell as she remove her mask. The mask that kept other people thinking that she was strong. The mask that hid every sadness and pain in her eyes. The mask that protected her. She wasn’t strong, she’s weak. She was afraid that people would use that against her so she used a mask. She’s not strong, she was weak enough to hide her real feelings. She’s not strong enough to not care about what other people say against her, she’s weak enough not to defend herself from them. She’s not strong enough not to cry, but she was weak enough to hide her feelings. She looked at the mask and cried herself to sleep.
She wasn’t strong, but thanks to the mask, everyone thought so. •



• Your eyes that gives me hope, your lips that keeps me alive, your body that makes me warm, you that I love the most.
Remember when we run across the road because the light is almost green? Remember when we climb up to the rooftop to watch the stars shine? Remember when we fight about who loves who the most? You get annoyed whenever I win. Remember when you hold my hand? You never want to let me go, it was heart flattering. Remember when you smile between our kisses? For you, I was still a dream that is too good to be true. Oh, good times.
Making memories with you was my favorite thing to do. But that changed now that you became a part of it. •

It was the cat;


• It was all hidden underneath these sleeves, nobody could see it, nobody would want to. Every time I come home, I let out a deep sigh, it’s that time of the day again. I remove my sleeves, and I look at it. All these red lines on my body are untold stories that want to disappear as badly as I want to. I’ve been keeping them for so long, but none seem to disappear. One day, I was careless enough not to notice my sleeve, they saw it. Some were disgusted, some didn’t care, and a lot judged me. That is the exact reason why I hid it, no one will understand. He asked me what happened, I wanted to tell him that he was the reason behind it, but I couldn’t. I said it was the cat who did it, and he seemed to take it.

Little did he know, I was the cat. •



I am not who you think I am.

Behind this smile is a sad little girl, trying to be found.

Behind this laughter is a depressed little girl, trying to be saved.

Behind this strong figure is a weak little girl, trying to fight.

I lie not because I want to, but because that’s what I want to happen. I’m hoping that one day, all those lies turn into reality.

The songs I sing didn’t just come out of my mouth, those are words I couldn’t tell anybody.

The moves I make while dancing didn’t just pop out of nowhere, it was the actions I couldn’t do.

The stories I wrote wasn’t just written because of my passion, it was the life I wanted to live.

The heart you thought was cold, it was all made up, because the real one is gone, he took it with him when he left.

This is the only place where I could be myself without anyone judging me.

This is the only place where I could sing, without anyone telling my how badly I sound.

This is the only place where I could dance, without anyone telling me I’m out of beat.

This is the only place where I could write, without having to worry about other people’s opinion.

This is my escape.

You think you know who I am, but you’re wrong. All you know is the lady I introduced you too, not the little girl seeking for help.