Bakit #1



Bakit nga ba? Bakit kahit alam natin sa sarili natin na walang assurance ang isang bagay, patuloy tayo sa pag asa, patuloy tayo sa pag-hintay? Bakit kahit yung mismong bagay na hinihintay natin, ipinapakita na satin na wala ng pagasa, umaasa pa rin tayo na baka kahit konti, baka kahit katiting lang, maawa ang tadhana at magkaron ng konting pagasa?


Kahit ipinapakita n’ya na sakin na wala ng pagasang maibalik ang dati, kahit ipinapakita n’ya sakin na tapos na talaga, umaasa ako sa kakapiranggot na chance na baka mag bago yung ihip ng hangin at magkaron ng kahit 0.01% chance na pwede pa. Naniniwala ako na baka, baka lang naman, kapag nakita n’ya na worth it ako, baka sakaling magkaron ng konting chance na pwede pa.


Kahit walang kasiguraduhan, umaasa ako na pwede pa, kasi sa mata ko, worth it s’ya. Kahit walang kasiguraduhan, umaasa ako na pwede pa, kasi sa kanya lang ako sasaya. Kahit walang kasiguraduhan, umaasa ako na pwede pa, kasi mahal ko s’ya.


Yun ang sagot, mahal mo s’ya, mahal ko s’ya. Yun ang dahilan kung bakit umaasa ka, umaasa ka kasi mahal mo s’ya, kaya sa mga mata mo, worth it s’yang hintayin kahit pa walang kasiguraduhan kung may patutunguhan yung paghihintay mo. Basta s’ya, basta yung taong mahal mo, basta yung taong mahal ko. Kahit gaano katagal, hanggat kaya ko pa, hanggat mahal ko pa s’ya, maghihintay lang ako, aasa lang ako. Kasi baka, baka lang naman kahit konti, may pag asa pa. Baka lang naman.


Goodnight, sis ;


• I have a sister, she’s 2 years younger than me, and I love her to bits. She’s my partner in crime, my buddy, my best friend, my everything. A day won’t pass by without us having fun, we’re always together. But one day, everything changed. The smile on her lips, the sparkle on her eyes, her angelic laugh, everything disappeared. She began to cry, she began to be sad. Whenever I ask her why, all she said was she’s tired. Of course, I believed her. There are some nights where I would wake up in the middle of the night because of her sobs, she must really be tired. It makes me sad seeing her in pain, I love her so much and I hate seeing her suffer. Days passed and she remained sad, I miss my old sister, the happy one. I was walking on the hallway when I accidentally heard her talking, it wasn’t my intention to eavesdrop but I got curious. It seemed like she was begging, begging someone to stop the pain, she wanted to rest, she’s so tired, she just want to sleep tightly without feeling sadness. An idea suddenly popped into my head, my smile grew wider as I plan it. I waited for weeks, and finally, the day has come. It was her birthday so I baked some cake for her. I brought it into her room, but she was just crying in the corner. Don’t worry sis, you’ll get a good rest from now on. I hugged her tight, very tight. I wanted her to feel how much I love her. She didn’t seem to like it since she was struggling to get away, but I didn’t let go, I hugged her even tighter. Finally, she seemed to like it, she stopped pushing me. I stopped hugging her and I kissed her forehead. I granted your wish, sis. I smiled widely as I walk out of her room.

Every night, I check on her, she’s still sleeping. Finally, she stopped crying, she stopped being sad. She may finally get a good rest now. I will surely miss her smile and laughter, but seeing her sleep peacefully is better than seeing her cry.
Goodnight sis, sleep tight, forever! •