It was the cat;


• It was all hidden underneath these sleeves, nobody could see it, nobody would want to. Every time I come home, I let out a deep sigh, it’s that time of the day again. I remove my sleeves, and I look at it. All these red lines on my body are untold stories that want to disappear as badly as I want to. I’ve been keeping them for so long, but none seem to disappear. One day, I was careless enough not to notice my sleeve, they saw it. Some were disgusted, some didn’t care, and a lot judged me. That is the exact reason why I hid it, no one will understand. He asked me what happened, I wanted to tell him that he was the reason behind it, but I couldn’t. I said it was the cat who did it, and he seemed to take it.

Little did he know, I was the cat. •