• Once lived a strong girl, she never got hurt, never got sick, never cried. She’s always happy, she’s always smiling. It’s as if she had no problems in life. Everyone was jealous of her, everyone wanted to be her. They took her for granted, befriended her just to find out what her secret on being strong was, but they failed. She was good on knowing who her real friends are. They blackmailed her, but again, they failed. They tried and tried but they fail every single time. At last, they stopped trying, and the girl remained strong. At least that’s what they thought. The strong girl went home, and from there, she let out a deep sigh. She removed her favorite sweater and went in front of the mirror. ‘I’m not strong’ she said to herself as she browses her body full of bruise and scars. Her tears fell as she remove her mask. The mask that kept other people thinking that she was strong. The mask that hid every sadness and pain in her eyes. The mask that protected her. She wasn’t strong, she’s weak. She was afraid that people would use that against her so she used a mask. She’s not strong, she was weak enough to hide her real feelings. She’s not strong enough to not care about what other people say against her, she’s weak enough not to defend herself from them. She’s not strong enough not to cry, but she was weak enough to hide her feelings. She looked at the mask and cried herself to sleep.
She wasn’t strong, but thanks to the mask, everyone thought so. •


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